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5 Design Ideas to Beat the Winter Blahs

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

I don't know if it's because we are on the other side of winter or because there is an extra hour of daylight in the evenings but I am really feeling spring is on its way! Hallelujah! The dark cloud of Old Man Winter is lifting!

I know that feeling is probably premature (for us in Labrador especially!) but most of us have been battling huge temperature fluctuations and tons of precipitation this year. It can really wear you down and take a toll. We are deserving of mild spring air and bare pavements aren't we? Which is why so many people this time of year deal with the winter blues. The end is in sight but it feels like a long road yet.

But while you are waiting for the time to get outside and enjoy much-needed vitamin D, here are 5 design ideas you can do for yourself and your home to prep for the arrival of spring and beat the blahs!

1. Weed through the clutter!

A busy family of 4 can accumulate a lot of stuff over time. When was the last time you went through (as a family) and donated, sold or thrown away old toys or outgrown clothing? It all adds up over time until you are smothered under feelings of overwhelm.

Overwhelm is a feeling so many of us have these days. There is a lot of pressure, a lot of brain clutter and a lot of physical clutter. Unfortunately, we as humans are huge consumers and do not always think about the impact that has on our not only our planet but also on our mental health. Few things feel better than a good gutting in your home! Admittedly it's hard to start but the result is crazy rewarding!

Get the family involved! Depending on the age of your kids this could be like herding cats, but it's good practice to teach them about organization and the appreciation of their things early.

Tip! Without going all Marie Kondo (let's face it, I need more than 6 items in my closet that may or may not bring me joy) make the process easier by starting with 4 categories: keep, trash, donate & sell. Try to avoid trash as much as you can considering many items that you have fallend out of love with could be appealing to others! And there is no harm in making a little cash for your hard work!

2. Do some shopping

Obviously the exact opposite of step 1, but chances are if you haven't weeded through your clutter you are probably due for a room refresh somewhere in your house. And who doesn't feel good after some retail therapy!? Keeping in mind everything you purchase will eventually go out as trash, make the effort to shop smarter. Perhaps the couch cushions you hate ended up in one of your piles. Why not repurpose them with new cushion covers? Sometimes all it takes is a couple of new pieces to brighten your perspective of your space.

Tip! Toss cushions are generally sold in 2 pieces; a cover and an insert. While you can get inserts for under $10 it's rare (a good insert will run you $20-$25) and then there is shipping on top of that to consider. Use your old cushions as inserts and change your covers with the seasons.

3. Paint something!

Nothing makes me happier than colour! I am instantly happy when I walk in my home because it's full of colour. Maybe you are afraid of colour and you tend to shy away from it in your home decor. So refresh something that needs a facelift in whatever colour you choose! The point is when you continue to look at something that you've been neglecting to fix up, it weighs you down emotionally. Maybe it's an old piece of furniture that needs a facelift or an accent wall you've been wanting to paint.

Tip! Get prepared before you start the job, set aside the amount of time you need to start and finish it. It'll feel so good when it's done. And another checkmark off your to-do list.

4. Repurpose a space

Do you have an area in your home that is being underutilized? Do you wish for an area to call your own like a reading nook or a crafting room? Maybe it's a guest bedroom like mine that's never used when what I really need is a bigger home office. Maybe it's an end of your kitchen cabinetry that you wished were a coffee bar instead of a cupboard and a wine rack that no longer serves you. Take a step back and take stock of what no longer works and make a plan to repurpose the space for whatever you have been longing for. Instead of telling yourself "one of these days" or "in the next home we have I will.." make it happen in your current home and stop waiting for the right time or space.

5. Get on the plant trend!

Using plants in home decor is probably the biggest trend right now. Lucky for us because an indoor space just feels so much more alive with them! I don't know if it's all the extra oxygen or what but the undoubtedly add some happiness to a space. Pair with a fun planter and add extra colour or pattern to a room.

Tip! Not to worry if you are like me and have a hard time keeping them happy (especially in winter) species like snake plants are hard to kill. They won't be sad if you forget to water them for a month.

The hardest thing to do when feeling those blues is to find motivation. There is always a ton of things on your to-do list and no interest to tick them off. Without putting to much pressure on yourself, start small and work your way up to the big things. The momentum of feeling good after each completed project will propel you forward!

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Jenni Lynn
Jenni Lynn
12 มี.ค. 2563

One of my best investments was good quality cushion inserts - they’ve served me well for years and I switch up the covers seasonally. As you suggest - a great pick me up when the blahs set in! Spring colors coming out this weekend! Thank you for the reminder!

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