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DIY Halloween Bead Garland

Farmhouse bead decor has become so popular in the last year. They come in many types of wood. They’re sometimes painted. There are many different lengths and size beads and so many different embellishments!

We’ve created a Hocus Pocus inspired bead garland with wood beads, painted with acrylic paint and stung with bakers twine. It's super easy to do, if you can paint you can do this!

It just takes a bit of time so carve out an hour or two from start to finish (including drying time.)

  1. Wooden beads with drilled hole (can be any size!) We used 80 beads- 5/8" diameter sized beads

  2. 5 colours of acrylic paint: green, orange and purple inspired by the colours of the Sanderson sisters themselves! Also black for the graphic beads and white for the details.

  3. Acrylic paint brushes- 2 sizes. Wide for over all paint colour and thin for lettering and details

  4. Wooden skewers

  5. Bakers twine

  6. Parchment paper for painting palette

  7. Needle

Start by

threading a bead onto a wooden skewer and paint. The skewer is the easiest way to completely paint the bead without messy fingers! Apply two coats and let dry between and after on the parchment.

There are:

22 orange, 22 purple, 22 green for the solid colour beads

10 black beads

4 white beads

Lettering the black beads by

using the white paint and small paint brush. Hold the bead (this time it's easier if you hold it with your fingers) and paint "H-o-c-u-s P-o-c-u-s" 1 letter on 10 black beads.

You can free hand this or use a stencil!

We also painted 4 white beads and then painted them with black cat heads as an added detail to frame the words "Hocus" and "Pocus."

Make tassels for the ends

by using your bakers twine.

  1. Lay out about 4-6" length and cut 1 string

  2. Cut 10-15 strings of the same length x 2 (for 2 tassels)- save 2 lengths of string in order to tie the tassel

  3. Use your paint brush and loop the bunch of strings in half around the end of the paint brush handle

  4. Feed 1 of your saved strings around the bunch attached to the paint brush and tie tight at the front

  5. It just takes a bit of time, so carve out an hour or two from start to finish (including drying time.)rung with bakers twine. It's super easy to do, if you can paint you can do this!

Assembling your garland

Cut a length of bakers twine to the length of your desired garland. Ours is about 45" (We used a different colour because we ran out of orange!)

  • Feed your coloured beads on the long piece of twine in the pattern purple, green, orange (30 beads)

  • Then add a white bead

  • Next goes "Hocus"

  • White bead

  • Continue with 6 coloured beads: purple, green, orange (continuing pattern)

  • White

  • "Pocus"

  • White

  • And end with 30 coloured beads in the same continuing pattern

Finish off the ends of your garland

by attaching the tassels. Use your needle and thread the end of the long twine through the loop of your tassel. Push your tassel to the bottom of your beads and tie the twine tight by making a knot.

Do the same on both ends.

Cut the excess of the garland twine (green in our photo)

Tip: Tassels need to be tied tight to the last bead to all beads in the garland are tight together.


Use your garland on your mantle or piled up on your coffee table books for an elevated Halloween look!

Happy crafting and be kind to each other!



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