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Spotlight: Hocus Pocus Styled Shoot

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It's no secret that Hocus Pocus is a fan favourite movie during Halloween (it's definitely the kick start to Halloween for me!)

If you are not familiar with the movie here is the reader's digest synopsis:

A new kid moves to Salam and totally thinks the old story of the Sanderson Witches is ridiculous and in an effort to prove it, he accidentally frees the sisters after 300 years. He and his kid sister, along with his high school crush, spend Halloween night trying to stop the sisters from becoming immortal, with the guidance of a magical cat.

In 2018 Hocus Pocus celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a giant prime-time celebration complete with returning actors (no SJP though. I was hopeful) stage show and a screening of the movie!

So In celebration of the anniversary we put together our (grown-up) Hocus Pocus styled shoot complete with Booooook, a custom-made Sarah Sanderson costume-to die for, and some grown-up treats with major spook-appeal!

What would be a party for a trio of 300-year-old witch sisters if you didn't use a few antiques? We broke out the Grandmothers antique sofa and serving ware to add some old-world charm to this Halloween celebration.

An elaborate deep-hued asymmetrical floral arrangement sends off some moody vibes as the backdrop to what was the absolute perfect showpiece for our party- a custom Sarah Sanderson replica costume complete with corset and cape. (Designed and made by my talented cousin Kelly who is a fashion designer by trade and majored in corseting!)

Fun fact: we- the cousins, went as the Sandersen sisters for Halloween which will go down as one of the best group ensembles of my Halloween loving life. All 3 costumes made by Kelly.

If Martha Stewart taught us anything about catering for Halloween parties it's to use foods and liquids in deep colours to add some spooky vibes while keeping it classy. All that's missing is a good block of dry ice to set the mood.

Custom floral arrangement by Shelley Hodge Creative Studios

Vintage books are great for added colour and creepiness to Halloween decor. Glass cloches are a decor staple for all seasons and decor needs. You can create mini-scenes inside or shelter stacked items like these skulls.

And What would be an adult party without a little poison? (See recipe below for a themed beverage!) And don't forget your black glassware!

All photos by Emily Sarah Photography

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Witches Brew Black Sangria

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