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Studio Reveal- Part 1

It's been a long time coming. A place to get inspired, to create, to get my hands dirty without judgment or fear. I can meditate or make a mess. It doesn't matter because it's all mine! Finally a studio space! And less than 20 steps from my house. (Insert all the hearts here!)

As some of you know, we have been renovating what was my "She-shed" since Labour Day weekend, into a studio space for Shelley Hodge Creative Studios and our e-commerce headquarters. If you have been following along on social media you know that Brad and I have literally spent every spare minute renovating this space ourselves which is pretty impressive considering neither one of us has ever renovated anything. Ever.

Truly! Prior to this project I could paint and hang photos with nails (I only just learned how to use wall anchors and screws-shockin' really!) and Brad has done some small projects with friends like patios and fences (and the old She Shed), but this, hanging doors and windows, insulation, drywall etc, was a whole other story! (I literally hung ceiling drywall! And plastered!) It was a lot of YouTubing and Googling and trial and error and is it perfect? No. But yet it is.

The old shed was never supposed to be anything more than a cold storage place for outdoor furniture- in fact, it was used for boat storage from the previous owners. Brad and some friends renovated it 6 or 7 years ago to be my She Shed (and party place) but it never had any heat or light so it wasn't used as often as I wanted. And after a couple of years working from a home office, using the dining table as a craft table/drafting table/photoshoot backdrop etc, I needed a breakout space to keep my house tidy and my work life separate. (Balance is so hard to find anyways and even harder when you work inside your home.)

Because this project was time-sensitive (the exterior is not completely finished because old man winter decided to come early to Labrador) I only bought materials that were in stock. No waiting for the right door style or the right size window. And because building materials are flying off shelves due to the pandemic they have proved to cost a lot more than they did a year ago. So it was a bit of a challenge to work around my budget (truth be told we came in 30% over budget) and my "ideal" plan was modified based on available materials. But it worked out in the end and I love the items I choose.

(BIG thank-you to Heather at Stagg & Templeman for compiling my materials list! Without that it would have been so so much harder to start!)

The biggest decision for the exterior was to stick with the plan to paint the entire structure black. If anyone saw the video on Instagram I was having the hardest time committing to black. Once I had primed my Ranch Wood white, I started to think white with black trim would be so classic cool. But Brad ripped the metaphorical bandaid off and slapped a huge splotch of black on the white and there was no turning back then! Best decision ever! I will never doubt myself again lol!

There were so many late nights. So many cold days. 7 weekends missed with friends (we did break for a week for a family get together) Clients waiting a little longer than they should for deliverables (I really apologize for that.) An entire week of both Brad and I in a nasty mood and just being so tired and "over it" and not wanting to continue.

But it's complete and I finally have a place to spread out and create that I am so so proud of because we did it with our own 4 hands and a bit of gumption. Lesson learned? You just have to do it! Research, make a plan, ask the questions and just jump in.

There are still some things we need to tackle in the spring, like a new roof and side window, but for this season, I pray the roof won't leak and the inside stays warm lol!

Can't wait to show you inside! Stay tuned for interior photos in part 2!

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