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Establishing new fall routines. Who says "spring" cleaning is just for spring?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

How is it September and we are talking about back to school routines all ready? It feels like summer has passed as quickly as it arrived. Some of us are glad for September beginings to regain some normality that comes with routine. Others are reevaluating how we want to spend our time going forward. Old routines that once served us, no longer do.

But it’s in our nature to be comforted by routine and organization. Even those of us who resist it because life has the potential to become boring (pointing fingers at myself!) Every single one of us has some sort of routine in our daily lives that we adhere to. How many of you do the exact same thing every single morning? Wake up, bathroom, make coffee, unload the dishwasher and then plan your day. (Sound familiar?) We are programmed to establish routines and organize our lives in order to feel safe and in control. Now more than ever, re-establishing those routines, setting new goals and getting our lives (and homes) in order feels important and here are a few things we can do.

Complete spring cleaning in the fall

I’ve always felt like the good deep cleaning and organizing of your home should be done in the fall instead of the spring. Your kids are beginning a new school year and activities are starting up again. In some ways, I am still semesterized. There are so many new beginnings in September and I've always felt that the New Year should align with the new school year. (No more arriving at New Years Eve parties with pants under your dress because it's -40 would be amazing!)

Start the "new year" off on the right foot. Take a weekend this month and get some chores completed that you have been neglecting over the summer. Fix what needs fixing. Sell, donate or toss items that are causing unnecessary clutter. Start in the bedroom and prep your space for all the cozy things that fall will bring!

Dig out your fall and winter decor

Generally, we love new seasons (even if you are not really ready to let go of summer just yet). New seasons bring celebration and hope. Things to look forward to that haven't been for a whole year. (I'm talking to your pumpkin spice lovers!) Start little by little putting out your chunky throws and fall scented candles. Dig out and wash your flannel sheets and heavier duvets. Hang your fall wreaths and prep your flower beds for winter. Take time to enjoy the transition.

Set up a practical home office

If you haven’t already carved out space for yourself to work from home, this is a must-do. Many of us are back to our places of work, but if the experts are right, flexible work weeks will allow people to work from the office and from home as needed. If you have a creative and comfortable place to work at home you will be ready and able to transition easily if the need arises. The key to an easy transition is to have a space that is your own, free from household distractions. Setting up and tearing down your workspace every day because it's at your kitchen island is only adding to the stress of working from home.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Gut your closet!

Literally no better time to organize this part of your life than right now! Whether you or your style has changed since the pandemic, (what are dress pants?) the shift in the economy has necessitated donations to local second-hand stores more than ever. Make clothing piles and either donate, keep or toss the items that no longer serves you. The things you are keeping, get freshened up in preparation for winter weather like your sweaters and parkas.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Make a different kind of list

We all have our to-do lists, some of us live by them (you all know that I love my lists!). But this fall think about setting up a different kind of list. What were the things you enjoyed when you weren't able to go anywhere? Maybe you liked not having any extra obligations? Perhaps you enjoyed not rushing from extracurricular activity to another? Was your favourite part spending more time at home with the people you love without distraction?

Be mindful and take time to evaluate how you want your household to operate going forward. Make new lists to remind yourself of what is really important. Refer to your list when life begins to feel a little overwhelming.

Photo by Isaac Garcia from Pexels

As Mother Nature prepares for her grand finale, revel in endings and be excited for new beginnings! Happy fall season everyone!


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