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Mother's Day Brunch- Celebrating Mom's and "like-mom's" this weekend

Whether she's your Mom or she's like a Mom to you, this weekend she deserves to be told how much you appreciate her. May 9, Sunday is Mother's Day and while the SHCS team will be on the road delivering (my Mom included) our 2nd year of curated breakfast baskets to those you love, our Mother's Day brunch styled shoot offer's you some inspiration to put together your own special event to celebrate the women who does so much for you!

I hosted a simple Mother's Day brunch a few years ago for Brad and his mom and myself and my mom and I remember my Mom saying it was one of her favourite things which gave me the idea for this styled shoot. It can be as fancy or as laid back as you would like because of course the gathering and the preparation on her behalf is sentiment enough for those Mom's who often prepare most meals for their families (and in our case, Gail is still preparing meals for our adult family!)

A bright spring like pallet is a welcome site in this transition between spring and summer so think of pinks and purples, white and yellow when planning your tablescape. One of the best investments to add to your dish-ware is a basic white set of dinner plates, side plates, mugs and bowls. Then you can easily pick up small themed items or coloured tableware along the way to incorporate into your tablescapes without breaking the bank every time you host a party.

We've use our Petal Collection pink bowls and side plates from our online boutique as the place setting anchor for our Mother's Day set up.

The trick to a great tablescape is to layer. Think layers of texture and colour to build upon one another to fully execute your theme. Our Mother's Day tablescape was designed around a pretty feminine look with accents of natural decor like grass, flowers and seagrass for lots of texture.

1. We started with a faux greenery short runner in the middle of the table as the base layer.

2. The seagrass placemats at each guests place will give you a better idea about space for the other items you will use to fill up the middle of the table (ie) centrepiece, glassware etc.

3. Use your white layering plates on top of the seagrass placemat

4. Bring in a napkin for texture on top of the plate. This can be a great excuse to get creative! Think about pattern, colour and materials for interest. In this case we actually used a tea towel from our shop and folded it long ways as a napkin because I loved the colour and the pattern.

5. Build up your dinnerware with cute small plates and bowls (depends of course what you have decided to serve. Small decorative bowls are great for brunch to serve fresh fruit or my go-to crowd pleaser "yogurt dessert" (see recipe below!)

6. Glassware is one of my favourite things for interest. The lucidness of glassware adds so much dimension to a place setting. These vintage goblets have a nice hobnob texture and the colour was just so pretty with the various colours in the napkin.

However, you can get the same effect with clear glassware from your own collection. Just make sure all the glasses match (unless mismatched is the look you are going for!)

7. And what would be any well executed tablescape without a floral arrangement and candles? Whether fresh or artificial, a loose bouquet arrangement in a vase is the best addition to any Mother's Day gathering. Sprinkle your table with various sizes and colours of tea light holders. Maybe add some extra blooms loose around your candles for a less formal feel.

If your mom (or like-mom) is anything like mine, she will appreciate your thoughtful table celebration, but spending time with you would be the best part.

As most of you know, my Mom spends a lot of time behind these scenes here at SHCS so i'd be remiss if I didn't dedicate this post to her and her hard work supporting me in everything I do and all the events, home staging and products we offer to you, our creative community.

While you and the women in your life will be celebrating Mother's Day, mine will be working to deliver 85 Mother's Day Baskets that she has helped pick, pack and organized these past few weeks so that those 85 women will feel celebrated on Sunday.

Jen's Yogurt Dessert

A fan favourite from a good friend (and "like-Mom")

1 package of frozen Cool-Whip

1 container of vanilla yogurt

1 package of vanilla pudding mix

1 package of frozen mixed berries

Let berries thaw just a little

Mix all ingredients together in a service dish

Refrigerate until you are ready to serve!

Shop the look:

See our Petal Dishes, Vintage goblets, zephyr dishtowels, Echo Votive, Prism Votive and more through

Happy Mother's Day to all the special women this weekend!


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