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7 Decor Areas That Are Actually Costing You Money

Getting excited to dive into a home decor project is the best feeling isn't it? But chances are you are spending way more than you should. These are the most common areas of home decorating where your money isn't going as far as you think.

Choosing a paint colour

It's true that paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to change up your interior decor but at $70 a gallon, and unless you love to paint, you want to be sure you get it right the first time. Lighting is the biggest make-or-break to paint colour.

Make sure that paint swatch you've chosen is the same colour you like at 9 am and at 11 pm. Or consult a professional who can do a colour consultation with you and help you achieve the colour pallet you are going for.

Over trending

Love that industrial look? Or modern farmhouse style maybe? There are so many great pieces out there to help you bring a little of that look to your home but it can be easy to overdo it.

The trick to introducing a trend into your home is to select statement pieces with the trend in mind instead of using it for every decor aspect.

You can choose a unique industrial chandelier without having every light fixture coffee and end table made from reclaimed wood and pipes. Overdoing it will come off kitchy and you will fall out of love with it quickly.

Forsaking quality for cost

We all want to save money and we are motivated by a great deal. Who doesn't want to tell others their amazing designer-look planter cost less than a loaf of bread? It's the home decor equivalent to a dress with pockets! But, how often are you replacing decor items because they didn't last as long as you hoped?

Try out trends with items like pillow covers since trends tend to change from year to year. Invest your money in quality down or synthetic pillow inserts for your sofa cushions that will last long after the trend.

At least your pillows will always hold their shape and structure making your sofa look fresh and tidy.

Stop buying "do-ma-jiggers" for organization

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. All those random products that claim to keep your grocery bags or spice racks super organized. The intension is good. We all want to be more organized in our homes. We use those "miracle" products for a few weeks and like the items we are trying to organize, they too get messy or tossed to one side because they don't suit our needs in the end. Sound familiar?

Stop spending money on more "stuff" and analyze how you use your space instead. Sometimes it all it takes is a few good baskets and a lot of decluttering to get organized.


Need a design update but not ready to commit to doing the entire room? Your living room really needs an update but maybe if you just added a few items it would get you "through" till your ready to commit? Chances are those few new items will end up sticking out like a sore thumb between all your old decor. By the time you get to your big redecorating, the items you worked in "for now" will be tired and worn and in need of replacing anyway.

Do yourself a favour, put that money you're about to spend into the budget for the entire room. And do the entire redecorating at the same time when your plan allows.

Doing the work yourself

It is awesome that you are handy and able to save some money by doing a renovation yourself. Until it isn't. Factor in the time it takes you to start and complete a kitchen renovation yourself in between the balance of work and home life.

Your renovation ends up going on for months or even years longer than it needs to and before it's even finished you are overwhelmed and totally over it.

Hire a professional to do the work unless you have the time to commit to completing it within a reasonable timeframe. No one wants their house to be in upheaval for longer than it has to be.

Buying alllll the furniture

Please save your budget (and your living space). Do not buy all the furniture just because it's part of a set.

Furniture sets on the showroom floor are highlighting all the pieces the collection has to offer. Don't try to figure out how they'll all fit in your bedroom.

Usually, the sets are too big for the average living space anyways and all that matching wood is visually too heavy for the room. Break it up. Buy the pieces you love and supplement other items with smaller pieces of another set or 1-of's. You'll end up with a carefully curated space instead of that "showroom" look.

Good design starts with a plan. Before diving into a project take the time to do the prelim work. Your home and your wallet will be happier!

Stay safe, stay home and check on your squad!


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