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Decor Trend: Houseplants

Emily Sarah Photography shares her beautiful home and swoon-worthy plant collection!

Besides this sweet arrangement of greenery, I am obsessed with this wallpaper!

It's become an obsession for some. A great hobby for many. Have you jumped on the houseplant trend in your home? Of course you have! And why not? Humans have a deep connection with the outdoors, plants in home decor offer a way of bringing the outside in.

Emily's Bougainvillea is so gorgeous!

Want a little design secret?

Indoor plants offer life to a space that artificial blooms, no matter how life-like, can not. I add them to every client space I design whether a tall floor plant or a cute little peek-a-boo on a kitchen shelf.

Plants make us feel better because they reduce stress therefore elevating our mood. Studies have shown that can improve concentration and productivity while removing toxins in our air. Having plants in your home is literally good for you!

And with so many cute containers and baskets to choose from! Why wouldn't you add them to your decor? Have fun! Repurpose a vintage china teacup or an old wicker fishing basket!

This Aubrey Fig is even lovlier because of it's basket container

Haven't got a green thumb? No worries, there are plants out there for you too! Try a Snake Plant to fill an awkward corner in your space. They come in many sizes (the big ones have big impact) and require little attention.

Emily's large Snake Plant makes for big impact!

Houseplants should be used in the same way you use artwork and furniture to elevate your home's aesthetic. Think of them as another design layer with the opportunity to add texture and colour in your room.

The nice thing about plants is that they are perfectly imperfect. They spill out of their containers and they grow however they want, seeking sunlight or shade. Reminding us that nature is never perfect but oh so beautiful anyways.

Mr. Darcy maxin' & relaxin' with all that fresh air!

Stay safe, stay home and check on your squad!


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