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DIY Gold “Dipped” Pumpkins

Happiest October 1st! My favourite month of the year! Let it be known that I will be flooding your Social Media with all things Halloween and Fall related starting today and everyday this month. There will be DIY’s, some themed decorating ideas, a few recipes and we’ve got 2 craft offerings to bring you!! We will be your go-to for all things Fall and Halloween lifestyle this month I promise!

I’ve been asked many times why is Halloween my favourite Holiday? It definitely has something to do with beautiful Fall days (before the snow comes to stay), wearing lots of layers (but not committing to a winter coat), short days (and cozy nights), complex spicy flavours (pumpkin spice everything) and all the colour Mother Nature displays. Then there is the playfulness and mystery surrounding All Hallows Eve without the pressure that comes with the really big holiday (you know the one). All layered to make October the month with the most depth, texture and coziness!

And how could you not love pumpkins!? Sold in abundance, (usually anyways) and inexpensive. There is just so much you can create and customize! Wanna add a little glam and shine to your table/scape? Check out these ”gold dipped“ pumpkins and how you can recreate this look for yourselves!

Skill Level: Easy
Time Commitment: An afternoon
  • Pumpkins (I chose tabletop size)

  • Rust-oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Rose Gold

  • Green Painters Tape

  • Drop sheet or tarp

  • General natural decor like Fall leaves and wood logs or risers

  • Layout all your materials prior to starting so everything is organized and ready to go!

  • Wash pumpkins with soap and water to remove any dirt or grime so the paint has good adhesion. Let dry.

  • Use your painters tape to create the boarder for your paint around the pumpkin. The idea is to make them looked dipped so your tape doesn’t have to be placed perfectly on the pumpkin. Once you’ve gone all the way around with your tape, make sure to really press it in place. If there are gaps between your tape and your pumpkins the paint won’t make a nice crisp line.

  • Time to spray! Layout your drop cloth in a well ventilated area or outside. Place your pumpkins on the drop cloth with enough space around each one that you’re able to spray them 360 degrees without having to move them. Spray below the painters tape. Let dry 30 mins-1 hour. Repeat until you have the desired coverage. (Don’t forget the bottom!)

TIP! Spray paint is one of my favourite craft mediums but the trick is to spray multiple thin layers of paint in order to get the perfect consistency. Keep nozzle about 7-8” away from the object you are spraying at all times. Otherwise you’ll risk paint pooling and dripping.

  • Once your last layer is dry, carefully peel off your painters tape.

  • Style your table with your painted pumpkins! Play with groupings and heights by using your wooden logs or risers. I added some glass bud vases for my branches to refract the light of my dining room window. You can add some t-lights for candle light too!

Happy spraying!

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