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DIY Greenery Garland

Looking for a simple but creative way up the ante of your dining table decor? Everyone loves a good (and fast) DIY! Especially when it's craft related!

This simple greenery garland can be completed within 20 minutes with very little tools.

Click the link to my video to follow along or see the step by step below!

Lovely for a Mother's Day celebration or an update to your spring decor! You can add florals or different greenery and then mix in some candles for that perfect bespoke look.

Materials: 9-12 steams of greenery (I'm using eucluptus) 1 roll of florist tape 1 pair of heavy snips

Step1: Prep

Snip the stem of all pieces of greenery to about 2-3" from the foliage (we don't need all the wire stem for this)

Step 2: Arranging

Using 2 pieces of cut greenery.

  • Lay out your first piece of greenery. Foliage part pointing towards the right.

  • Take another piece of greenery and overlap the stem of the first piece by about 4-5". (The idea is that the 2nd piece of foliage will cover the stem of the 1st.)

Step 3: Securing

The two pieces now need to be attached to one another.

  • Using florist tape, tear a 6" piece from the roll. (Florist tape gets sticky with the warmth of your hands. It's great for securing blooms together.)

  • Use that 6" piece of florist tape and tightly wrap around a section where both stems from greeny 1 and greenery 2 meet.

  • Repeat until you have 1/2 your bunches of greenery pointing and overlapping in the same direction.

Tip: The idea is to over lap the stems of your greenery so they're hidden in the foliage. That way the garland will look like the leaves are all growing together the full length of the table.

Step 4: Changing Direction

Now you need to change the direction of the greenery so that you end with the foliage facing toward the left.

  • Take the next piece of greenery and overlap the stems of the last piece you secured. This time the foliage facing the opposite direction.

  • The trick is to hide the stem on both the last piece of greenery on the garland and the new piece you are securing.

Tip! Be cautious about how you attach the greenery that has changed direction. You don't want a sparse middle to your garland.

Step 5: Finishing the Second Half

By now you've got the hang of overlapping, hiding and securing the greenery to each other!

  • Repeat Step 3 and complete the other end of your garland. (Make sure the left end of your garland ends with foliage not a stem.)

Step 6: Lay it out and decorate!

  • You can hang it asymmetrically on your table so one end hangs a little longer than the other or you can lay it straight in the middle of your table.

  • Add some candles

  • Dress your table for dinner! (Now would be a great time to use those napkins and china you keep for nice occasions!)

You can use this garland in so many decor options! Lay it across a fireplace mantle or a staircase railing!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and like mom's out there!

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