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DIY Mid Century Mod Christmas Wreath

'Tis the Season to start crafting! If there was ever a time when even the non-craftiest person wanted in on the craft-making fun it's most certainly Christmas! And with 5 weeks left you still have lots of time to add to your Holiday Decor!

Mid Century Modern style is super hot right now and pieces reminiscent of the '50s, '60s, and early '70s are showing up in furniture, architecture, and decor over the past couple of years.

And it is a style that I identify with so much in my own Interior Design.

This DIY wreath is inspired by the Christmas decor of that era! Lots of silver, tinsel, bright colours and whimsy. And the best part about this DIY is that it's easy and can be completed in less than an hour! Truth!

Get your glue gun hot! Let's do this!


  • Foam wreath form 12-18"

  • 1 pkg tinsel garland (Mine is from Walmart)

  • Pom poms 8-9 (you can buy them or make them. I used my small-sized pom pom maker. If you did our basket craft you can use yours and then "shave" your large pom with scissors until you have a small pom pom)

  • Glue gun

  • Ornaments, bobbles, tiny bottle brush trees etc for extra adornment

Lay out all materials before starting

Organization and having materials on hand is the key to less stress during crafting!


by unrolling your garland from its packaging. (You won't need all of it but you can cut the excess garland at the end if you need to.) Then wind your garland around the wreath form so there are no gaps. Wrap snugly so that the garland won't slide around after you've finished. Not too tight though because the garland will snap.

Hot glue in spots all the way around to secure as you are wrapping

Time for poms!

Start making your pom poms. I did 9 in 5 colours: red, turquoise, coral, white and aqua for a variety. If you have prepurchased them, almost time to glue!

Figure out how you want them arranged on your wreath. I glued them in a cluster off to one side. They would be cute "polka-doted" around the wreath too. Or you can make more than 8-9 and fill in the entire bottom of the wreath.

Finish up

by adding any other embellishments that you think would add some character to your wreath. Small ornaments in the MCM style are cute as are mini bottle brush trees! (we have some for sale on our boutique site HOME for the Holidays, click here to check them out!)

No need to add a hook or a ribbon to hang (unless you wanted to!) a wreath hanger will do the trick with no fuss.

Hang your wreath!

I turned mine till the pom poms were sort of off to the side but you can hang yours any which way you like! This wreath is meant for indoor use for fear of a build-up of snow but if it's under an eave and out of the weather you could hang it outside also.

Remember all crafts have a style and no two people craft alike! Experiment and have fun with your materials. Happy Holiday Crafting!

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