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Give your home a hug with these Fall refreshers!

How are we talking all things Fall already?! It's been a while since we talked about anything, hasn't it? I apologize for leaving you hanging! The summer completely got away from me since it was the busiest on record. (wahoo!) The current global situation has got you guys nesting big time in your homes! We had the longest client list in my 15 years in business despite that things were out of stock or delayed with shipping. (Thank you for your patience!)

What better time to talk about nesting than the first official week of Fall? The weather is changing from hot days to warm sun with a crisp breeze. Days are getting shorter and nights are becoming cozier. It's the perfect season for fire pits, wool sweaters and brisk wooded hikes. Maybe you are breaking out your best soup recipes or you are baking more comfort food? And no doubt you've already started your Fall decorating in anticipation for Halloween! (No? Just me? lol! Wait till next month when I flood your SM accounts will all things spooky and fun!)

Time to give your home a warm hug of everything Autumn embodies! It is the season for texture, layering and warmth. Much how we change our wardrobe for the turn in the weather, we look to our home decor to do the same for our interiors. We spend more time inside during the lead up to winter and we are preparing for some of the years biggest holidays.

Layer your home with cozy throws

For those Netflix nights and Sunday morning couch reads a warm blanket shouldn't be far out of reach. Whether they are heavy wool or cable knit, coordinate them with your decor so they can hang out on your sofa or bed seamlessly. Some of my favourite go-to blankets are quilts passed down from nan's and great nan's (for the extra cold night's couch surfing.) They go folded up under the sofa table in the living room for easy reach and a conversation starter!

Fall season without candles would be impossible!

I bet it is the very first thing most people take out of the cupboard or buy new to commemorate the turning of the seasons. Even if you have a scent allergy, candlelight is essential to a cozy night when the day is winding down. And there are so many great options without the scent!

Decorate with books

An easy trick for interesting decor is to use your books! They are great to pile up on a coffee table as risers for candles or small Fall decor items and they're free! Most everyone has a handful of books that they can repurpose. And there are so many looks you can create. If you are looking for a neutral natural look to accompany some small pumpkins or wooden beads, position stacked books with the pages facing out. If you need extra colour for a vignette, stack books with the same colour spines facing out.

Dried flowers add texture that this season just begs for

Dried grasses and blooms are all the rage right now for interior decorating. Small bouquets can be seen used in a ton of ways in Home Decor magazines and on blogs (check out Ashley at for her newest dried flower install!) Do a small arrangement in a repurposed can or clear vase for your coffee table (maybe on those stacks of books!)

Speaking of texture, how can it be Autumn without baskets inside AND outside!?

We love anything that has multi-purpose uses. Large baskets are great for storage of throws and extra pillows, small baskets are also great for small storage options and for potted plants etc. My favourites are seagrass because their colour goes with any decor style and I love their classic weave.

It's all about the wallpaper!

If you haven't jumped on this "new again" crazy, then now is as good a time as any because this trend is here to stay for a while. Not your mother's wallpaper anymore either, the new stuff is repositionable removable so that means less commitment and way less mess! And patterns range from small geometric prints to large bright florals there is literally something for everyone! However things have changed, one thing remains the same and that is the price. It may be low commitment but wallpaper is definitely something to budget for.

However you are getting into the season enjoy the changing in leaves as well as changes in home routines! It's been a while since we adhered to our old routines so don't be too hard on yourself if you are not yet there. Enjoy the process much like the trees do in preparation for Winter.

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