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Host a Halloween movie night

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of Halloween is to plan a movie night! Even those non-Halloween people can get into this I promise. With so many great choices, from the super scary to super fun, there are movies out there for everyone. (Full disclosure, I am a scaredy-cat so my go-to's are mild thrillers and family fun lol! No gore or terror on my movie list I promise!)

And who doesn't love snacks? This is the greatest time of year to have fun with movie snacks since there is an abundance of treats to buy! (Like you needed an excuse to make a candy charcuterie board! See ours below for ideas!)

Hopefully your house has a little Halloween decor happening inside!

A little themed decor will go a long way to create the tone for your movie night. Try some orange string lights, a few faux spider webs-even just a few pumpkins will help set the mood!

Plan your drinks and snacks "menu" but make sure they have a Halloween twist!

There are so many great snack ideas on Pinterest you'll have no trouble wowing your guests or your kids with fan favourites with a creepy or spooky presentation! Love baked dips? Halloween-ify it by baking it in a shallow dish then add your crackers or chips vertically to look like headstones. Instead of setting out bowls of chocolate or candy, create the ever-popular charcuterie board with a variety of sweets. Break out your themed bowls, glasses and napkins. Hosting an all adult party? Create a signature cocktail or set out a creepy themed bar!

Ensure everyone's coziness

Make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit and their own blanket to wrap up in. Scary movies are a little easier to watch if wrapped up warm on the sofa. Not enough blankets? Get guests to BYOB- bring your own blanket!

Time to set the mood

Turn down the lights and turn up the ambiance! Set out bunches of candles around the room for cozy, spooky lighting. Unscented is better as to not compete with food smells and tastes. Settle in for a fun cozy night to break up the week or weekend!

Candy Charcuterie How-To

The key to a good charcuterie is variety and presentation. Start with a wood board, plate or cutting board. Choose interesting candies based on colour and shape. Divide them up throughout your board so that your eye doesn't settle on one particular item. More is definitely more when it comes to a charcuterie board!

Not sure what movie you should feature? We've got you covered! Check out our list of "must watch" during October!

Enjoy your movie night! (I'll just be over here drooling over all the snacks I want to make before the end of the month lol!)

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