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How to Host a Games Night!

TGIF still means something in my house amidst all the changes in work and socialization. Luckily (so lucky!) our lives have largely stayed relatively the same since the onset of isolation and social distancing.

As you know, my business is home-based and I spend a lot of time in my house because of that. Brad is still working out into the world (with new precautions of course), and is also our designated food retriever. (He's amazing at snacks!)

The not socializing rule is growing more difficult by the day but I know every one of us is feeling that, especially as the weekend approaches.

A weekend games night is a great way to plan something special in lieu of socializing. There are tons of great board games out there for couples of 2, families of 6 (or more) and other groups in between.

There are apps out there also that let you join groups and play games virtually with friends too. One ap that is gaining huge popularity is "House Party." Catch up with friends via video while playing a trivia game among other things!

However, nothing beats a good old fashion board game night at home. Here are some ideas to help your game plan!

Choose your strategy wisely!

Are you a regular player of boardgames? Order a new one as a surprise for your family! As with any event, it's the details that make it special.

Plan your evening to allow for two games (Of reasonable length. Plan extra time and patience if you plan to sell and buy properties during your games night. You get what I mean) Make interesting! Winner takes the looser on the second game!

Chapters-Indigo have tons of board games available and are still shipping from their warehouses!

Make a cozy place!

Who said games had to be set up on the dining table? Clear off the coffee table, take the cushions off the couch and drag out all the blankets you've got. Set up right in the middle of the living room! Add some low lighting (maybe even a little candlelight) throw on your favourite record and you've got one cozy game of Yahtzee.

It's all about the snacks!

Let's be honest. Games night and snacks go together like Ross and Rachel amiright? Have a variety but keep snacks simple. Everyone loves nachos but no one likes greasy cheese fingers all over game pieces. Still want that dippin' feeling? Try this yummy salsa dip a friend of mine makes. Or grab 3 or 4 popcorn seasonings on the next grocery run. Mix in chocolate or candy pieces. For the adults, do a wine or beer pairing with chips!

Up the ante!

Winning is obviously the best prize but just to keep it interesting, why not have some small prizes as incentives? They don't have to be extravagant. Maybe it's a box of candy that wasn't part of the party snacks. Or winner chooses (or makes) breakfast in the morning!

Stay safe! Check on your squad! Happy Friday!

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