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How to Make a Bed Like a Pro

Ever notice how seemingly perfect the beds are made in the pages of Home Decor magazines? You will never see lumpy pillows or a shabby brown comforter in "the big reveal" on a home decorating show. Why? Because none of the above equals luxury, comfort or celebrating the smalls things. (That are actually the big things like a good night's sleep!)

It's no secret that I love a freshly made bed. Clean Sheet Sunday is an event in my house! (Clean Sheet Wednesday has also become a thing these days too-I know, eye-roll!) My dream job is to own a small hotel or a BnB and make beds all day long. Truth! It's serious business making a proper bed in my family. My Grandmother is the master bedmaker and wanted a little motel all her life, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree my friends. And a clean bed doesn't equal a properly made bed either.

You have heard me lament about the importance on making your bedroom your sanctuary. Clear out the clutter. Get rid of the visual background noise. Part of that is investing in your bed and making it the most anticipated destination at the end of the day! Your bed should not be an afterthought. There are a few things to consider if you want it to be as cozy as the pros make it!

The secret of a cozy properly made bed is......layers. Literally the most important part. It's all about layering! Building upon each piece until you have the right ratio soft vs firm, warm vs cold, comfort vs function.

Let's build by numbers shall we!

  1. Bed Skirt: Depending on your bed style you may need to cover up that boxspring. Choose a square pinned tailored bed skirt for a more modern look. Not fuss on the bed skirt look? Cheat and use a fitted sheet! (There could be another step before step 2 if you wish to have a padded or quilted mattress pad for extra coziness! Choose one that is synthetic or down-filled for that hotel feel!)

  2. Sheets: Invest in a good set of sheets. They don't have to be expensive but they should be soft, cozy and last more than 3 washes. My favourite is 100% cotton because they are usually really soft and thick. I almost always choose white sheets over colour. I love that luxery hotel look. Personal preference, I am not a fan of coloured sheets. But I do like a fun a print! A great place for unexpected sheets? Try one of my faves Simons)

  3. Bedspread: I usually recommend a bedspread or a quilt on the bed and a duvet at the foot. (the duvet will come into play in step 4) Using a bedspread allows for added colour and texture on your bed. It also lets you have some temperature control at night. A bedspread or quilt allows you to be covered but somewhat cool while sleeping. And it lays flat so that your bed is neat and tidy when made up. (Try Linen Chest for all things bedding)

  4. Duvet: A folded up duvet at the end of the bed is the coziest touch of all. While visiting Switzerland in high school I got hooked on the duvet on the end of the bed! The trick is to have it folded in such a way so if you get cold while sleeping you can reach down and pull it up over you. Hense having a bedspread and a duvet- layered. There are lots of great duvet covers so you can use this to add some colour and personality to your room.

  5. Euro Pillow: This is my designer's secret! These babies can be used in many ways and are purposefully added for accent colour and to build upon layers. Plus they are great to have behind you if you are someone who sits up and reads at night. Tip! You'll need 3 for a king-sized bed!

  6. Pillow Sham: They usually come with either a duvet set or a bedspread and are meant to match. I use these in a few ways but always to conceal the plain pillowcase of your bedsheets.

  7. Pillow Case: Part of your sheet set, these are the ones you sleep on-not your sham.

  8. Decorative Pillow or Toss Cushion: You know that scene from the movie, "Along Came Polly" where the guy explains why were are so many decorative pillows on the bed and then they stab them in order to be "liberated"? (lol!) Well, you may not need THAT many but you definitely should have one. No, they are not used for sleeping on but they are a really great way to add in, you guessed it! colour and texture. Have fun with its shape! It doesn't have to be square. It could be long like a lumbar pillow, or a bolster. Also great for behind your back when reading but also the finishing touch to get that up-scale hotel feel! (Tonic living has my favourite velvet bolsters!)

It might seem like a bit of work to get started but I assure you, you'll feel like you've ended up at a 5-star hotel at the end of every day. Happy Bed making!

Stay safe, stay home and check on your squad!


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