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Tricks to Assembling the Perfect Gallery Wall

Love the look of a gallery wall but not sure how to complete it? It's not as hard as you think (and you don't really have to measure!)

I've been asked numerous times over the last couple of months about the correct way to display photos on a gallery wall. The truth is there is no "correct" way but there are some guidelines to take into consideration so that it's tidy and cohesive when complete. I am the queen of "winging it" and I assure you, neither of my floor to ceiling gallery walls were measured and I installed them by myself! (Let's be honest, I was too impatient to wait for help). With a couple of tricks I was able to complete both gallery walls on either side of my living room within an afternoon.

My balloon dog is my fave new addition!

Gallery walls have been popular for many years. They are a great way to artfully display professional family photos, travel photos, heirlooms, etc. But the new trend in gallery wall composition is to include objects in and around your photos! It could be a child's favourite toy on a small shelf or a memento from a vacation. Straw hats and shallow baskets make a beautiful statement as well. It could be anything that you love that helps tell the story of "you" in your gallery wall.

Me and my pop Hodge. I think I am 3 in this photo.

My gallery walls were born out of not knowing what to do with all the art that we had collected over the years that now didn't go with the new theme of the living room. You can't just give or throw away art right!? So I edited what I really didnt want to put back up and donated some of the really good pieces to a local group for auction. I added some new art that went with my mid century modern theme an tied in some objects for whimsy.

The most important thing to remember when deciding how to build your gallery wall is to give it a shape. I recommend creating an invisible outline of a larger square with the edges of your photos and objects. This way, everything fits within a guideline and you won't end up with random stray pieces that seem to float without any attachment to each other.

See those 2 bright coloured circles? They're Kate Spade coasters!

Start by laying everything out on the floor as it would look attached to the wall. Having a visual before you start let's you play with the composition before committing it to a place on the wall. You can move prints and objects around on the floor for better placement and spacing.


You CAN measure the space between each object if you wish. But I eyeball the space around each object and frame. As long as everything seems to be of equal space and adheres to the larger square, I'm happy. It doesn't have to be perfect to look curated!

You will however need to make sure your items are level before committing them to the wall. I usually stick one corner of the frame to the wall in the place I want it to go. While balancing the level on the top of the frame, when the bubble is in the center of the level, place the other corner of the frame to the wall. Now you've got a level frame to start off with! Don't have a level? Download a level ap on your phone like I did!

My secret to an easy gallery wall..... 3M velcro command strips for picture hanging! These are amazing for adhering frames to walls without the commitment of measuring and nailing. Rejoice! Gone are the days of multiple nail holes in your wall! If you change your mind, you simply pull the tab downward and it will release itself from the wall with no damage!


Learn from my mistakes though! Follow the weight restriction listed on the pack or you'll have frames going bump in the night lol!

Above all, have fun with your gallery! Curate a wall that tells the story of you. Keep it linear and organized and you'll love it for a long time.

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