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What is a Colour Consultation?

Have you ever decided to repaint a room in your house and got to the paint store and become completely overwhelmed with colour choices? There are thousands of colours out there, by many different paint companies. How do you narrow down the selection that is right for your project?

You need professional help. No really! It's called a Colour Consultation or a Paint Consultation and it is the service I provide most frequently at Shelley Hodge Interiors!

I often hear people say

“I know what I want but I’m not sure if I’ll get it right.” Or “I’m usually pretty good at this but this time I’m stuck.”

Sometimes you need a second opinion am I right?!

That is exactly what happened when Julie called me for a colour consult for her kitchen. The colour of her cabinetry just wasn’t working for their family's style any longer. Without wanting to go into a huge renovation, (kitchen reno’s are not for the faint of heart! More on that in a later post) she worked on refinishing her cabinets instead, added a new countertop, backsplash and updated her accessories like the kitchen faucet, modern stainless sink and black metal cabinet knobs.

Sounds easy right?! Hardley! This kitchen has hours of hard work and tons of elbow grease and took over a month to complete. I think Julie would agree, so well worth it! But having a colour consultation got her started on the right foot right getting the colour right the first time, saving time and money in the end.

How does a colour consultation work?

1. I will come to your house or office and we will discuss the room or rooms in question. What is the look you are going for? How do you want the space to feel?

2. We will go through my Benjamin Moore colour charts and look at options that will work for all the elements in your space. I am a Benjamin Moore colour specialist and have worked with their paint and colours for over 15 years, however, if you prefer another brand, we can choose a colour and you have your paint mixed where you prefer.

3. I only ever select 3 possible colour choices per room. Otherwise, you end up having too much to choose from and get overwhelmed. I will leave your own paint chip samples in the chosen colour(s) for you to make the final decision after you take natural lighting into consideration.

Colour is all about creating an experience for your space. And ultimately creating an experience for you when you are in that space. Colour psychology is a real science and can explain why you feel anxious in a red bedroom or why we associate calm with blue/greens and why spas tend to use those colours in their ads.

What is colour saying about your space?

4 Designer tips to remember when choosing paint colours:

1. Choose what works for you.

  • It doesn't matter what your neighbour has. Does it work for your house? Trends are great! But if they don't fit into your style and the style of your home there is a good chance you will be repainting sooner than later. Work with what you have and what you love.

2. Take into (serious) consideration natural light AND artificial light.

  • Lighting will make or break your expectations of the colour you've chosen vs the colour you want. Make sure the colour you love at 12 noon is the same colour you love at 12 midnight, and with the lights on and off.

3. Don't choose a colour based on its name. Please?

  • I have seen so many great colours get passed over because the client doesn't like the name! There are thousands of colour names that have been chosen by people behind a boardroom table. They start to run out of ideas I am sure. So please don't overlook "Rustic Fog" just because you weren't going to a "Rustic" look. It doesn't work that way.

4. It's just paint!

  • The easiest most economical way to change the flavour of a room. It's just paint. If you don't like it, paint over it! Use paint to your advantage! Break out! Add some colour! What's the worst that could happen?

Thank-you to Brad Dillon Photography for capturing this kitchen like no one else could! (I actually took the stock photos myself! trying my hand at some photograph)

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