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What's that colour?! Easy curb-side appeal with these Benjamin Moore colours!

Ready to up your curb appeal?

Summer is well underway (and while I‘m incredibly behind in my outdoor decor) I know that you‘ve had a great start to your outdoor projects. But are you putting off painting your front door because you just have no idea what colour to paint it? Are you worried that you’ll choose the wrong colour or paint type?

When choosing a front door colour you not only have to consider your siding, brick/concrete but also the colours of your fence, patio, the colours in your garden, even the colour of your vehicle. (It’s true!)

Your front door is prime real estate to show off you and your home's personality. It’s a small surface so the time and monetary investment is low. After all, it’s just paint. If you don’t like it re-paint it! Or hire a professional to ensure you get the colour you want the first time.

You all know how I feel about colour! Over the years I have become a self-labelled Benjamin Moore paint specialist. I studied colour theory with their fan decks in college and I learned to mix their paint and stain as a summer student (how many of you knew that?!) While this is a brand I Iove, I am not endorsed by them to tell you how great they are. It's just 16 years of colour love fueling this blog today!

Check out these 8 wow-factor front doors and how to pair them to make the most impact on your own property for maximum curb appeal.

Rose Quartz: 2002-30

Looking for something bright and welcoming while standing out in your neighbourhood? This rosie hued front door is a keeper!

(My bestie has used "Peony" for her cottage door! See my insta account for it!)

  • Pairs well with: Brick or stone and most siding colours (dark blue or navy would be a showstopper!)

  • Stay away if: You have a lot of browns

Pool Party 2059-50

Nothing says summer like a cool dip in the pool, lake or ocean! Send out those summer vibes with this cheerful colour.

  • Pairs well with: Grey-mix stone, beige, white, dark blue, black, red and purple siding

  • Stay away if: Your siding is green

Sherwood Forest: 2048-10

Deep soulful greens get me every time! This is a colour that you could have for a while and never tire. A definite statement colour with longevity. And it's a chameleon! It goes well with nearly everything!

  • Pairs well with: Grey stone, red brick, most siding colours including, brown, light green, blue, red and grey

  • Stay away if: You have green siding (too matchy)

Caliente: AF-290

Everyone loves a bright red door! But picking the right red can be tricky. This colour is bright without being orange and deep without being dark. It could quite possibly be the perfect red!

  • Pairs well with: Grey stone, red brick, black, beige, dark and light grey, dark and light blue, some greens.

  • Stay away if: You have dark green siding. (watch out for the "Christmas" effect) Dark brown siding will also feel heavy and dragged out with red

Pastel Pink: 2007-60

No denying how sweet this front door is. Pink is not for everyone but when paired with the right colours and garden it would be the loveliest door on the street!

  • Pairs well with: Grey and white stone, green, blue, purple and grey siding

  • Stay away if: You have red siding. Use caution pairing with brown. Too light brown you could end up a milkshake.

Twilight Zone: 2127-10

Can you really ever go wrong with a black door? Black is classic, goes with everything so it's safe while still making a statement.

  • Pairs well with: Literally everything. It may not be dramatic with every siding or stone colour but there's not much it clashes with!

  • Stay away if: You don't want to blend in

Blushing Red: 2079-20

Is it red? Is it pink? Is it purple? Maybe we will settle on Magenta! Whatever it is, it is unique and bold and lively. Not for the faint of heart or every style home but it's definitely a curbside stunner.

  • Pairs well with: Choose carefully! This colour would work best for neutral siding like greys, blacks, navy and whites. Let the front door take center stage!

  • Stay away if: You are afraid of colour or have brown siding

Sunburst: 2023-40

Probably the cheeriest colour of all, bright sunny yellow! (Which is not used nearly enough in outdoor decor) How could you be glum opening this door every day?

Pairs well with:

Grey stone, dark blue, grey or black siding. Stay away if: You are rocking any other colour siding or brown/red brick.

It can be easier to pick a colour than a paint type for an exterior door. There are a few ways you can do it. Some people have them professionally sprayed at autobody shops for that absolute gloss perfection.

If that is not an option and you have a 1/2 day open in your schedule use an exterior latex paint and a foam roller. Aura Grand Entrance paint by Benjamin Moore goes on amazing and has just the right amount of shine.

And of course, when you are finished with your paint, be sure to recycle it properly in your area!

Happy painting!

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