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One for the Gals!

Hand Painted Table Cloth

Of course we all know this week is Valentine's Day but have you heard of Galetine's Day?

As they say,"pink is the new black," Galentine's Day, February 13th, is the new Valentine's day! A pretty celebration surrounding female friendship (and gorgeous treats!) inspired by the holiday of love. The concept of Galentine's Day was actually coined on an episode of Parks and Recreation by Amy Pohlar's character Leslie Knope who said it best "It's like Lilleth Fair minus the angst. And with fritattas."

Got some ladies you want to share the love with this week? Here's how to style your own Galentine's Day celebration!

It's all about the pretty!

The best part about Galentine's Day is (obviously your gal pals!) but close second is the look! Your friends are extra special aren't they?! So should be your theme! No holding back on the girlie details. You've got to go all in. Lot's of shades pinks and reds. Floral and candles. Break out the good china even! We did! Nan's Dimity Rose Royal Doulton made an extra special appearance during our event.

Get creative with place settings and centrepieces. Just have fun and don't forget the details! A sweet personalized treat for each gal could just make her day.

(Interested in making your own "XO" table cloth? Read to the bottom!)

Nan's china with a touch of gold!
All the treats!

The menu doesn't have to be complicated to be fun. Whether a morning bruch à la Leslie Knope, cocktails or an afternoon tea like ours, keep it simple but disguise the simple with cute details. (And really, who has time to create a full menu!) A few perfectly themed sweets will make for great conversation. Try a sweet buffet!

Bottoms up!

A signature drink is nearly a must at any gathering these days but what would be a girl gathering without a bevy or two? Again keep it simple. This is an opportunity to inject some colour into your theme. Break out those cute glasses you have been dying to share and set your self up a champagne bar! (of course pink sparkling cider looks great when poured too!) Add some garnish fruits in matching containers and a few mixing juices and you've got yourself a party!

Don't forget what you are really celebrating

A girls celebration is all about connection not about busting your ass for a picture perfect event. And of course we don't need a specific day on a calendar either to tell our besties that they are our "person" and that you have no idea where the hell you'd be without their smart mouths, shoulders to cry on and open hearts, now do we.

How-to DIY our "XO" Tablecloth

One of the greatest ideas my cousin Penny has ever had so I cannot take credit but I can certainly share! You will need:

  • Plain coloured table cloth (ours was white polyester)

  • Black acrylic craft paint

  • Wide all-pourpose paint brush

  1. Spread your table cloth out on a large drop cloth (just incase the paint bleeds through)

  2. Use a paper plate or paint pallet to squeeze your paint onto

  3. Decide where to start. This is suppose to be an imperfect DIY. Do your best to keep your X & O's inline but don't stress over measuring them out. We started from left top corner to right and worked our way down.

  4. Dip your brush in your paint and then make your first "X" onto your tablecloth. Move on to your "O." The dry brush look as you get further into your X's and O's is what makes this look.

  5. Reapply paint to your brush once you really run out. (About 3 or 4 X's or O's in)

  6. Repeat until you get all the way to the right corner bottom of the table cloth.

Crafter's note: Spot clean only (sort of). Throw it in the washer on cold delicate when needed but spot clean as much as possible. The paint will break down every wash.

Happy Galentine's Day!

Big thank-you to Emily of Emily Sarah Photography for her beautiful images and the collaboration on this gorgeous styled shoot! xo

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Madeline Hillier
Madeline Hillier
Feb 11, 2020

Loving your posts....this one is soooo pretty. <3

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