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Think a Disney Wedding is all about Princesses and Castles? Doesn't have to be!

This week Brad and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary! (we've actually been together 18 years this year! I think someone is stealing time) Some of you may not know that we were actually married in Florida on Walt Disney property.

Disney's Boardwalk Resort

I have been asked time and time again about what it's like to have a Disney wedding. Did Mickey and Minnie make an appearance? Did we get married in front of the castle? Did it cost a fortune?

Yellow and blue was a last minute change because I found bridesmaid's dresses to match at Le Chateau

The answers to the above were "no" for our wedding but, all of those things can happen if you wish (upon a star...couldn't help myself)

I was able to customize some details myself and bring them with me for set up by our wedding planner

Walt Disney World is my favourite place in the entire world. When we got engaged I knew that's where I wanted to marry. (Luckily Brad was in favour after a little convincing!) Since we had been together for years, it was just as much about the celebration for our friends and family as it was for us. A vacation with a big 'ol celebration for 75 closest family and friends was in order.

Surprisingly this only took a couple of tries to get!

Truth be told, I am not much into princesses (shocker!) so the ginormous fairytale wedding was out! We wanted an Art Deco themed wedding and that suited the venue we choose at the Walt Disney Boardwalk Resort perfectly.

When you book your wedding with Disney, like everything else Disney, the entire process is as magical.

Your information booklet comes specially wrapped, you're assigned a wedding planner that works right out of the Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion.

There are menu tasting events to ensure food you've chosen for your guests is perfect. You even get a cake tasting! Of course, it helps if you live in the area. We weren't able to take in all of these events, but because we had 2 years to plan, I was able to visit the year prior to make some choices while on vacation.

Highlight of the night was miniature cake service to Be Our Guest song!

April 25, 2011 we were married at Sea Breeze point gazebo, lakeside. My dad rented a surrey bike and peddled he and I over from the resort. After a simple 20-minute ceremony all of our guests walked down the boardwalk to Atlantic Dance Hall for cocktails and buffet reception and dance. It was uncomplicated, well planed and perfect.

One of my favourite pictures of the day

We were on the fence about a buffet-style reception. We wanted a formal dinner but the venue restrictions did not allow for plated foodservice. However, it turned out that the food stations were interactive and added something fun to the evening. And the food was soooo good! (Disney might be fun and magical but there are a lot of restrictions that magic apparently can't undo. You have to be flexible)

Sea Breeze Point

There are so many add-on's to a Disney Wedding. You can get married in front of the castle after the park closes (starting at $30,000 mind you. Heart attack right there.) You can request Minnie and Mickey as your maid of honour and best man if you wish! You can have a towering cake replicated like Cinderellas Castle. You can rent a Ford Model T to drive you off into the sunset.

Who wouldn't marry this guy!?

You can also have your own fireworks display! (We were so lucky because our venue is so close to Epcot, our guests enjoyed their nightly show and it didn't cost us a thing.) Because Disney wedding packages have such range, you can customize your day. And they're essentially priced per guest.

Thank-you Epcot for "our" fireworks!

Keep your guest list low and your monetary investment will be comparable to any large hotel wedding anywhere!

(Big thank-you to Root Photography for capturing our day and our family and friends so perfectly! And to all of our people who flew from far and wide to be with us.)

Stay safe, stay home and check on your squad!


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